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Mountain Boy SledsBUY NOW!

Kicksledding is pure joy, and turns nearly all sledders into mountain boys and girls. Gliding along on hard-packed snow or ice seems effortless (though it's actually good exercise), and you get to take your sweetheart or young one along too. As if that weren't good enough, kicksledding is also excellent aerobic exercise and a fantastic way to get a workout in the course of routine daily activities!

Snowpacked streets, back roads, and well-used snowmobile trails are perfect for kicksledding, particularly those with a gentle grade. A long, plowed driveway curling down a hillside - aaah. And, your dog can help (see our Dogsledding page). It's not very tough to kicksled, either (see our instructions page ).

Mountain Boy kicksleds are an artistic interpretation of a traditional, time-tested Nordic design. 

The sled body, including the very comfortable slatted seat, is made of American white ash. Screws are stainless steel, and connecting bolts are high-grade anodized steel. 

The runners are highly flexible tempered steel, with polished and waxed edges. Rings are welded to the front of each runner, making it simple to attach a bridle and tugline for dogsledding.

Multiple coats of UV-resistant finish mean the sled can be left outside for extended periods without damage.

The handle on each sled is a specially chosen native willow branch, hand-carved for a perfect fit and polished to show its natural beauty. No two handles are alike, and each has its own unique look and feel. 

Because each kicksled
is a one-of-a-kind work, each is signed and numbered on the bottom by the sledmaker. 

On the front, the Mountain Boy brand is burned into the ash of the backrest, drawing attention to the individual grain of each piece of wood. 

And on the back, an elasticized storage compartment provides space for a sweater or lunch box.

The copper footrest is light, strong and sets off the wood tones of the sled. As it ages, the copper gains a fine patina that only develops more character overtime. Removable nuts at the front of each runner allow each sled to be easily collapsed and transported on top of a vehicle, or for seasonal storage.

You can choose from two types of kicksled: the classic Silverton Kicksled, which seats one adult or child and our unique Double Kicksled, which seats two children and has bright red hand rails.

Folding down the kicksled is easy, and reduces the height of the sled from 36" to 7" -- just right for putting it on top of your car or into the attic for summer storage.


Sled Design


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